Teeth Whitening

Is your smile the best it can be?

70% of the initial impression we make on others is in the first 20seconds of meeting them. It is all based on appearance. Now see why your smile has to be the best it can be!

A white smile is commonly associated with youth and health. Both of which are appealing to just about everyone.

There are multiple teeth whitening systems on the market and most give quite adequate results. The biggest down-side is the length of time these products take to achieve your desired result. Laser teeth whitening will whiten and brighten your smile in under an hour.

Laser uses a single wavelength of light and is much more effective on dental tissue. This unique method means virtually all types of stained teeth can be treated. This blue light has wavelengths which breakdown and eliminate the harmful bacteral found in oral plaque which causes the discolouration on the teeth which inturn bleeches the teeth.

The major reason that laser teeth whitening is superior to other systems is its relatively quick results. Our lives today demand immediate gratification. We hate to wait. Three weeks to a brighter smile.

A 3 course package is available which means 1 treatment each week!